Announcing a New Photodocumentary Book Project

And a call for participants…

Creating Women

In connection with a new book project, I am seeking woman artists – photographers, painters, weavers, craftspeople, performers, writers, and other creative women – who are actively working today while in their 60’s, 70’s, or beyond! Participants will be photographed and interviewed and included in a new photo essay book, “Creating Women,” exploring the lives and work of women artists and performers who are finding in their 60’s, 70’s, and beyond, continuing sources of creativity and new directions and growth as artists and as creative (creating) women.

With huge advances in the human lifespan over the last 50 years, we are all living much longer. Life in what we once euphemistically called “our golden years” is being radically transformed.

Women especially, with the impacts of feminism and vast societal changes that have occurred, and often in light of today’s new economic realities as well, are finding all kinds of new options, roles, relationships, lives open to them. For women in our 60’s, the question “what’s next?” rarely suggests what we’ve traditionally thought of as retirement. We continue to be active, to grow into new dimensions and seek out new opportunities, roles, relationships, activities.

Artists, especially, are continuing to be vital and creative, in their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, even beyond, and to discover and communicate in their work some of what it means to be women today.

This book will explore how such women artists are creating new lives and careers for themselves today. The planned book of photo essays will document through photographs and interviews these women’s work and lives.

To all the readers of my blogs, I’m asking your help in suggesting women artists who might want to participate in this project. It should be a lot of fun and rewarding! If you know of anyone, encourage them to get in touch with me through this blog. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you, or anyone you know who is interested, have any questions or comments. Many thanks.   Joanne