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Modern Office Buildings

An exercise in line, angle, planes, curve: Interesting though essentially spiritless geometries in modern office buildings. The treatment of the images in infrared emphasizes the rather ominous and impersonal Рlifeless Рnature of this architecture. Click each image for a larger view.


Architecturals in Black and White

Getty Center-B-1. Fuji X100. 23mm. ISO 200. 1/90 sec at f/16. Copyright Joanne Mason 2012.

Continuing my exercise of exploring the capabilities and range of black-and-white by reprocessing a number of previously edited color images, here are some architecturals. These are all shot at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. The Getty Center has some very distinctive architectural elements which suit it perfectly to its hillside perch above Los Angeles.

Getty Center-B-2. Fuji X100. 23mm. ISO 200. 1/90 sec at f/16. Copyright Joanne Mason 2012.

The exceptional clarity, sharpness, and resolution of the Fuji X100 makes it well suited to this kind of photograph.

Getty Center-B-3. Fuji X100. 23mm. ISO 200. 1/600 sec at f/5.6. Copyright Joanne Mason 2012.

The Getty Center architecture does an interesting dance with light and shadow. I think the black-and-white brings this out more successfully than do color images. Similarly, the black-and-white highlights the strong geometric character of the Getty buildings.


Getty Center Garden in Spring

My most favorite picture of spring …

Getty Center Garden, Los Angeles. iPhone photo. Copyright Joanne Mason 2012.

This is an iPhone photo of the tree sculptures in the central gardens at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. The Getty gardens were designed by American landscape artist and sculptor Robern Irwin. Everything about these “trees” – their shape, reaching for the sky, the flowers cascading from the upper “branches” – is a delightful spring greeting. I love the Getty gardens.



Gazebo. Nikon D200. Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8. 05mm (Equiv 157mm). ISO 200. 1/250 sec at f/6.7. Copyright Joanne Mason 2012.

I think I shot 200 images of this structure when I discovered it yesterday at the park. This is on my list to head back and do some more serious work with it. Meanwhile, hope you like this.  (A different image in color was posted yesterday.)

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