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Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge, Late Summer, Early Morning

The Blue Ridge, Late Summer, Early Morning. September 2012. Copyright Joanne Mason

This is shot from the Blue Ridge of Virginia, looking at the morning fog that has settled into the Shenandoah Valley. Shot with the Fuji X100, edited in Snapseed on the iPad.


Human Planet: Audio Slideshow

Photo by Timothy Allen. Click image for BBC Human Planet Audio Slideshow.

This is a marvellous audio slide show featuring the photography of Timothy Allen. Timothy Allen accompanied film crews shooting the BBC series Human Planet.

From the icy Arctic to Africa’s dense jungles – and the mountain tops of Mongolia to the deep waters of the Pacific – the BBC series Human Planet has explored mankind’s incredible relationship with nature. Accompanying the film crews was photographer Timothy Allen. His stunning still images captured unique glimpses of people living in the world’s most extreme environments. Take a look at some of them, and listen to him explain how he snapped the most arresting shots.(*)


100 Cool Places in Arizona

Arizona celebrates this year the centennial of its statehood. In recognition of this, the Los Angeles Times published this weekend “100 Cool Places in Arizona.”

It’s fascinating that this comes out just when I’m posting all these Arizona images from my recent southwestern photo trip!


Great Travel Photography Resources from Light Stalking

Source: www.lightstalking.comMany of the people with blogs I’ve been following or who are following me are specializing in travel photography. There’s a good collection of →resources for travel photographers posted recently at one of my favorite sites, Light Stalking. These are 16 “unmissable travel photography resources.” The links include articles on travel photography; some extra special blogs on travel photography; and a collection of resources and contests for travel photographers. It’s a great list.  Find it →here.


Salton Sea from Keyes View

Salton Sea from Keyes View, Joshua Tree N.P. Nikon D200. AF-S Zoom-Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8 ED-IF. 22 mm. ISO 200. 1/250 sec at f/9.5 Full Manual. Copyright © Joanne Mason 2011

Here is one more image from today’s expedition in Joshua Tree N.P. This is shot from Keye’s View at almost 6,000 ft. In the distance, you can see the Salton Sea, which is 220 ft below sea level. The Salton Sea, which lies squarely atop the San Andreas Fault, is of higher salinity than the Pacific Ocean and is California’s largest lake. The story of the Salton Sea is fascinating. It has only existed since the early 20th Century.  Through a couple years of floods, the Colorado cut new channels that subsequently flooded the valley basin in the desert. Since then, the Colorado River has kept the basin supplied with water. Keye’s View is in the San Bernardino Mountains and overlooks the Coachella Valley. At midday the sun over Joshua Tree and the Mohave Desert is simply too intense, but in early morning and late afternoon, the light takes on a lovely golden quality.  Joanne


More Scenes of the Southwest

At Acoma Pueblo. Nikon 8700. 8.9 mm. ISO 100. 1/150 sec at f/6.3. Copyright © Joanne Mason 2011.

Here are some more not-before published images from the New Mexico Acoma series, one in color and three black and white, all of which I’ve re-edited. This is kind of editing practice, and practice studying these images. Another trip to northern New Mexico and to the Acoma pueblo for photographing is in the works, as is a book of Images of the American Southwest.

At Acoma Pueblo. Nikon 8700. 8.9 mm. ISO 100. 1/720 sec at f/3.5. Copyright © Joanne Mason 2011.

At Acoma Pueblo. Nikon 8700. 10 mm. ISO 100. 1/210 sec at f/6.4. Copyright © Joanne Mason 2011.

At Acoma Pueblo. Nikon 8700. 11.6 mm. ISO 100. 1/800 sec at f/3.7. Copyright © Joanne Mason 2011.

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