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Grace Farms at Sunrise 2

Yesterday’s Grace Farm’s images were presented pretty much as shot. I would like now to begin looking at some more images presented with some editing. This image is a combination of three shots, done using HDR methods. The design of the Grace Farms River is to emphasize the flowing, curving quality. The preponderance of glass allows the River to be seen as one with the landscape. The emotional reaction is intended, I think, to be one of peaceful reflection and calm. But at the same time, the optics of the design offers conflicting views. Here, we have a nearly 180 degree curve in the glass wall at the lower end of the library. The pictures were shot just as the sun was shining almost through the top of the distant trees.

What are we seeing here? The distant seems near, and the near seems distant. What is reflection and what not? Are we seeing the distant trees and the sunrise through the class? Well, yes. Yet at the same time, the image seems close, almost close enough to touch. Is it in front? Within? Beyond? And are such questions compatible with the element of calm and peace that the design seeks to evoke?

Grace Farms River at Sunrise

Looking through the Grace Farms River at Sunrise



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