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Facing The Future: Nine Perspectives on the Future of Photography

This fascinating article is from Petapixel.

Late last year, during the Day of Photography in Amsterdam, PhotoQ interviewed nine photographers about the challenges facing them and photography as a whole from both an economic as well as social perspective. The resulting videos offer nine different perspectives on the business of photography, how it’s changed, where it’s headed, and how to adapt. Some viewpoints are more negative and others more positive, but in the end you can tell that each of these photogs love what they do, and just want to make sure they keep getting to do it for a long time to come. (*)

Here are two of the recorded interviews. There are seven more video interviews with professional photographers.

Many of the bloggers who follow Random Sights are not professional photographers.  That is, they do not seek to make a living from their photographer. (“Enthusiast” is, I think, the most apt description.)

All of us, whether our involvement in photography is a livelihood or a serious amateur pastime, have found, I think, that both the demand for pictures and the popular interest in photography are greater than ever. At the same time, as most of the photographers in these interviews attest, the field of professional photography is changing as a result of both social and economic pressures. Whether we are talking about professionals or not, never before have so many people been part of a particular medium of expression or dedicated to a love for creating pictures.


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