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Seven Ways Photographers Can Improve Their Creative Workflow

Photo by Scott Bourne

This short article by Scott Bourne at PhotoFocus offers a great list of simple steps to take to improve your creativity. In sum,

  1. “Keep an idea book…”
  2. “Schedule time to shoot…”
  3. “Prioritize creative time…”
  4. “Look at other photographers’ work…”
  5. “Reshoot a photo…”
  6. “Juxtapose ideas…”
  7. “Think about what you want your photo top look like as a finished product…”

The only suggestion I’d take issue with is the last one. I rarely think about what an image is going to look like at the end, after post, before I capture the image in the camera. As I’ve said many times, for me, getting the image in the camera is just the beginning of the creative process. Certainly when I look at a scene and make a decision to shoot something, there is often some nascent idea I have, or at least a sense that the scene has possibilities. But like the old saying – “I don’t know what I think until I’ve written it” – I often don’t know what I’m seeing or thinking until I’ve worked on an image in post and seen what emerges.

What do you think? Do you try to previsualize an image as a finished product when you shoot it? How do you foster a creative workflow?


2 Responses to Seven Ways Photographers Can Improve Their Creative Workflow

  1. Lissa Rabon says:

    I think about the composition and then shoot at several different angles. I try to imagine what would look better but I am such a novice that each one is like opening a present on Christmas morning when I look at it on the computer.

    • Joanne says:

      Yes! I think that’s right. I too consider the composition when shooting. I often shoot many images of something. Opening the images up on the computer *is* a lot like Christmas morning! Nothing novice about it! Thanks for your comment.

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