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Photodocumentary Book Project… “Creating Women”

As previously announced, I’m seeking participants for my new project, a photo essay and documentary book, “Creating Women,” examining the lives and work of women who remain active in their 60s, 70s, 80’s and beyond, especially artists, performers, writers, and other creative women. I’m looking at the changing roles of women today as we age, and I’m especially interested in how aging affects creativity – and how creativity affects aging. The project – very exciting – is moving forward. I am still seeking more women to participate; anyone interested should contact me through this site.


14 Responses to Photodocumentary Book Project… “Creating Women”

  1. Joanne, I’ll certainly let you know if I think of anyone. Congrats on the project!

  2. barbaraelka says:

    Reblogged this on barbaraelka and commented:
    Great project. Great karma.

    • Joanne says:

      Thanks so much for reposting! It has generated lots of comments here and there! I appreciate it. I’m enjoying the project very much.

  3. seapunk2 says:

    Alas, I am “only” 57… 🙂

  4. barbaraelka says:

    Hi there,
    There are some comments left for you when I reblogged your post. I wish there was a way to redirect them to you.
    Please check your reblogged post on my blog.
    I hope some of the ladies will contact you as this project is interesting one!

  5. seapunk2 says:

    My mother. She’s 78, has written her first song, which is quite amazing and fulfilling. Plays piano, dances, sings and performs. My mother has invested countless hours with teachers and has grown in a way that even she didn’t expect. She is an amazing woman, and I’m not the only one who thinks so! She has an MFCC with a focus on Art Therapy. Constance would enjoy being part of your project. Go Mom!

    • Joanne says:

      Yes! I am now back from trip, eager to talk with your mother! She sounds wonderful!

      • seapunk2 says:

        Thank you. I think this would be lovely for my mother. Her name is Constance and you can call her cell phone, though she does shut it off during the week, I believe, because of job demands…
        1-626-848-6656, Constance Varney
        She rarely looks at email, and if you have difficulty reaching her, let me know – I’ll call her land line for you.
        I may not hear from her regarding your contact, so if you wouldn’t mind, please let me know you’ve been successful?
        She’s quite a woman. I’m very happy that you’re interested in her.

  6. annisik51 says:

    This is a bit irritating. I mean, it’s about women who ‘remain active in their 60s etc’. I’m 61. As soon as I hit 60 I started experiencing weird attitudes from younger and even older people. What was supposed to happen to me on my 60th birthday? Should I suddenly have found I was unable to walk about? To think straight? What I hate most of all is people over 60 themselves, the ones who are constantly wanting to be applauded for doing this that or the other, EVEN THOUGH they are over 60 etc. Grrr!

    • Joanne says:

      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your point of view, you have a point. But let me clarify… The 60-year mark is purely arbitrary for the purposes of my book. I agree there’s is/should be nothing special about 60. I could just as easily interview selected 57-year old women and get somewhat the same thing.
      I think “remain active in their 60’s” is perhaps not the best phrase. I know that huge numbers of women are continuing to be active in their 60’s and 70’s and 80’s and beyond. That should be seen as both special and quite natural. What I’m interesting in is women who are active *in certain ways* – specially, creative women – artists, [performers, writers, etc – and entrepreneurs and professional women – and who are remaining active in new and creative ways, who are doing espcially creative work. I’m interested in how – today. now, with the human lifespan having been extended by some 20 or 30 years – these women’s lives and work are being informed by aging, and how aging is being informed by creative work. We learn things about both aging and about women, today, that we did not learn 50 years ago, because women in their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s today *are* working, and living, much longer. and have far more options and resources open to them than in the past.

      • annisik51 says:

        Thanks for your considered reply. I hope that what you’re doing (and I think it will) change the negative attitudes presented to those of us who have hit the 60 mark. As for me, I started classical voice training at 59, something I’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t and it’s freed up my creativity all round! Creatively, I couldn’t do what I’m doing now without having lived this long! Good luck. I’ll be very interested in the product of your work.

        • Joanne says:

          You’d be a good subject for the book.

          • annisik51 says:

            I don’t know about that – I consider myself an ‘under-achiever! Women of my generation and social class (working class) are from a time when women were still second to men. My father’s attitude towards me – both my parents’ attitude – was a serious impediment! But you’d be welcome to contact me ‘when the time comes’. Ann

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