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“What I’m Reading” … Thomas Mangelsen, Images of Nature

Images of Nature: The Photographs of Thomas D. Mangelsen

I’ve had “Images of Nature” by Thomas D. Mangelsen on my bookshelves for quite a while, and recently pulled it out to enjoy once again. I was interested to see the book is still in print for a very reasonable price.

Mangelsen is, simply, one of the greatest photographers of nature and wild animals around. His work is masterful in the extreme. It is biologically accurate in depicting wild animals in their natural habitats, entertaining, and shows a sense of humor along with a deep appreciation for nature. Mangelsen’s photo technique is second to none. The book is a big, thick, compilation of over 200 images with extensive text by Mangelsen. The photographs range from the western mountains to the African plains, from the far north to coastal and inland waterways. The book is organized in terms of habitats and features extensive field notes as well as excellently written captions. A biologist, Mangelsen is the preeminent wildlife photographer of his generation.

Highly recommended: Images of Nature: The Photographs of Thomas D. Mangelsen

[“What I’m Reading” is a post consisting of less than a full review of a book but rather a more concise mention about something I’m currently reading and find interesting enough to write something about.]


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