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Illuminated Manuscripts 2

It is a rare privilege to be alive during one of history’s most exciting periods, a time that civilization and culture grow in leaps and bounds. Such a time was  1200-1350.

I have written before of the →exhibition of illuminated manuscripts of the gothic period at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. A most extraordinary exhibit, the Getty has mounted the show in two stages, rotating out many of the manuscripts on display for a whole new set. (Ah, the riches of the Getty to be able to do this!)  The exhibit has just recycled; the second phase runs until May 13. This exhibit is absolutely not to be missed.

From the Getty program:

Graceful figures set against shimmering figures of gold leaf, children playing boisterous games in the margins of the page, vividly portrayed scenes of heroic knights saving beautiful damsels in distress – all these elements and more can be found on the pages of manuscripts in the Gothic era. This period, stretching from 1200 to 1350 in Europe, saw the construction of soaring cathedrals and the first universities. Rapidly growing cities teemed with students, tradesmen, aristocrats, and churchmen, all of whom clamored for illuminated manuscripts. The types of books they coveted ranged from lavish prayer volumes and Bibles to illustrated scientific texts and romances. … Some of the most innovative and beautiful painting to survive from the Middle Ages can be found in Gothic manuscripts.

John the Baptist surrounded by Angels

The Romance of Tristan and Isolde

→Gothic Grandeur. At the Getty Center, Los Angeles. Through May 13.


5 Responses to Illuminated Manuscripts 2

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  2. I just saw something similar at the Cloisters in NY! Aren’t these manuscripts wonderful, for their intricate detail? I wonder what plants they used for the ink 😉

  3. saffronrose says:

    Arthur’s latest art assignment involves illuminating a capital letter. While I did a lot of calligraphy before ending my single days, I didn’t do much illumination. Applying color has never been one of my strong suit(e?)s–it’s just flat color next to one another.

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