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PDN Finally Publishes iPad Edition

Essential monthly reading for photo pros and advanced enthusiasts!

PDN (Photo District News), one of my (and many others’) favorite photography magazines, is finally out with an electronic edition. In particular, there’s →an iPad edition. In all respects except price (PDN has never been one of the least expensive magazines, and the iPad edition is similarly costly ($4.99US per issue and $45.99US for a one year subscription), the new PDN iPad app is a winner.

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PDN Website
iTunes PDN app

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Look at the top bar on this page.

Features include:

  • A navigation system. It took me just a bit to get used to it, but it works out better than anything else I’ve seen. Page thumbnails are big, content is easy to find
  • Account link
  • Text button: Every page with text has a customized reading view or the standard page view.
  • Share: Allows emailing and/or twitter and facebook posting.
  • Links! Links on pages can be toggled on/off. I wish every magazine had this feature. It’s great to have active links. But often there are so many links on the page that it’s distracting to reading the magazine.
  • And editable bookmarking utility.
  • A search function for the issue being browsed.

Look at the bottom of the page. The PDN app also includes an RSS feed which includes photography news from the magazine as well as a picture of the day. Feed posts link to the excellent online PDN site.

There isn’t any interactivity (such as video interviews) as some other magazines are providing. But this is clearly a well-thought out app that makes reading the magazine on the iPad as efficient as possible.

These sample images are from the January 2012 issue which was dedicated to the business side of photography, especially branding and marketing one’s photo business. The information and advice is thorough, reliable, and helpful.  PDN should be essential monthly reading for photo pros and advanced enthusiasts.

The February and March 2012 issues are also now available in the app.

Text is very readable. Photos can be enlarged slightly – One wishes they could be enlarged more, but there’s a price to pay for that. As it is, the PDN issue downloads quite quickly (and is readable as soon as it starts downloading) for a magazine of its size. PDN is in the Apple iPad Newstand, which facilitates subscription management.

Highly Recommended. It’s been worth the wait.


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