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The galleries at Joanne Mason Creative ( have all been rebuilt, and I’m proud to announce that this site is now open again.

Joanne Mason Creative

Collected photographs are organized in these galleries:

  • Flowers in the Studio and Macro
  • Flowers in the Natural Environment
  • Red Series
  • The Big Sur – California
  • New Mexico
  • Arizona
  • Desert Images
  • New England
  • Other Landscapes and Natural Scenics
  • Architectural and Urban Scenes
  • Compositions and Abstracts

Galleries at Joanne Mason CreativeImages will be added regularly. Most of the images have been posted on this blog, but there are some new ones that bloggers have not seen. There is also a Featured Images gallery, which this month highlights some of the American Southwest Desert images.

Most images in these galleries are at substantially higher resolution than what is posted on this blog. I’m currently posting images on the blog with 1200 pixels on the long side. Images displayed in the galleries at start at 1860 pixels on the long side, and the images are available for download and licensing as TIF images in sizes up to 4288 pixels on the long side! High quality prints are also available in sizes from about (without mats) 4”x6” up to 16”x24”. Canvas wrap prints are available even larger, up to about 24”x36”. (Some older images will have been posted at different sizes.)

iconbarGalleries can be viewed as full screen slide shows.  (Do watch them in glorious full screen!)  The icons do the following:

  • Stop/start the slide show
  • Show full screen
  • Share: Images can be posted to all the social networks. You can also get embedding code to embed the pictures and/or the slide show on other sites and blogs.
  • Click the shopping cart to see what options are available for downloading, licensing, buying museum quality prints, creating greeting cards, etc.

ECards! Did You Know…?

You can create a free ecard with most images, add text of your choice, and send to your friends on the internet! You can also design greeting cards and postcards using most photographs.


There is also a new About… page, which includes some reflections on the craft of photography.


Don’t download or copy images from this blog! These images are almost all copyright and rights reserved. The images represent my hard work. You may link freely to any images you wish on the blog. To obtain or license images properly, in full size hires (without watermarks!), please go to the site. Thanks.